Important Travel Guidelines for Passover Break

Many parents have been asking about the school policy regarding travel over the Passover break from March 24 – April 5. As children have not yet been vaccinated, the same travel rules that we have used in the past remain in effect for the Day School. Should you choose to travel outside of New York and its contiguous states, there are two options upon your return:

1. A negative PCR test taken 72 hours prior to re-entry to New York State, quarantine for three days, and a second negative PCR test on the 4th day. With documented negative results from both tests, children may return to school.

2. A ten-day quarantine period from the time you return to New York State. There is no test required at the end of this ten-day period unless an individual has developed COVID-19 symptoms. 

Please be aware that the 72 hour period to take the first PCR test falls on Friday, April 2. Travelers may have to receive their results after Shabbat or their return to New York. It will not be acceptable to have both PCR tests done upon return to New York. A ten day quarantine will still be mandated. Please keep this in mind when making your travel plans.

Taking precautions and staying safe are communal responsibilities. As a family, we have been doing well, but to stay open, we need to consciously commit to our well established and publicized health and safety guidelines.

If you have any individual questions or concerns, please contact [email protected].