Opening Hearts. Cultivating Minds.

Rabbi Arthur Schneier Park East Day School prepares students for the future, instilling in them unparalleled confidence, curiosity, creativity, values, and knowledge. Our interdisciplinary, award-winning curriculum from pre-school to grade eight stimulates students’ minds, our nurturing coed community supports their dreams, and our commitment to Jewish identity from generation to generation welcomes all backgrounds. We cultivate a lifelong love for learning and provide our students with the tools to achieve academic excellence.


We grow a strong, nurturing community by weaving together traditional Jewish humanistic values with rigorous academics.


We welcome Jewish families from all walks of religious and cultural life.


We create intimate classes where students can accelerate or receive customized support as needed—teaching to the middle is antithetical to everything we do.


We master technology as a learning tool to use across all disciplines.


We believe in a well-rounded curriculum where academic and religious studies are integrated with exposure to art, vocal music, dance, drama, and athletics.


We encourage students to create strong peer groups and develop friendships across ages, to take risks and learn from their mistakes, to act from their hearts and to develop a nimble ethical intelligence, and above all—always—to keep their curiosity alive and humming.


  • Low student-to-teacher ratio

  • STEM program incorporating math, science, and technology for grades five through eight

  • Ranking in the top five percent in the American Mathematics Competitions 2000-2017

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What specials do you offer?
    Our dual curriculum is enhanced through music, Hebrew enrichment, Torah Stories, gym, computers, science, art, STEM, Makerspace and Success Maker.

    Is lunch provided?
    Yes! We offer a delicious and healthy kosher lunch each day.

    Are you an Ivrit B’Ivrit school?
    We are an Ivrit B’Ivrit school. This allows for student immersion in Judaic studies and the Hebrew language through both the message and the medium.

    How do you fit a dual curriculum into a single school day?
    The answer lies at the core of our approach, where skills and strategies such as close textual reading and interpretation transfer successfully from subject to subject and build self-esteem, mastery, and confidence.

    Students spend half their time following the New York State Core Curriculum frameworks; the other half is devoted to studying Torah, Prophets, Prayer, and Laws and Customs. Both programs are amplified and reinforced with vocal music, dance, art, and literature. Computer literacy—and safety—are fundamental. Individualized attention is provided to students who require either accelerated enhancement or support. Math, science and technology fairs, holiday assemblies and special programming, Color War, and interdisciplinary events provide a dynamic counterpart to academic life.

    You can read more about academics at Park East on the Academic Life page.

    Is the school heterogeneous or homogeneous in academics?
    We offer a differentiated instruction curriculum in all classes. Students are tracked in older grades for a variety of subjects.

    Are teachers licensed?
    Yes. All head teachers are fully certified.

    Is there a school nurse on site?
    Yes. Our full-time school nurse ensures that any health issues that arise can be addressed in a timely fashion, and works closely with teachers and parents as needed.

    What are the school hours?
    Our students’ arrival and dismissal times vary by grade level.

    Monday through Thursday:
    Taste of School 9:30AM-10:45AM
    Transitional 2s 9AM-12PM
    Toddler 2s 9AM-12:30PM
    3-year-olds and Transitional 3s 9AM-12PM or 2PM,
    depending on the program
    Pre-K 9AM-2PM
    Kindergarten 8:15AM-3:45PM
    Grades 1-3 8:15AM-3:45PM
    Grades 4-8 8:15AM-4PM
    Early Childhood 9AM-1:15PM
    (except for programs that dismiss at 12PM)
    Kindergarten 8:15AM-1:15PM
    Grades 1-8 8:15AM-1:30PM

    What is the student-teacher ratio?
    Our student-teacher ratio is small throughout the school, and varies according to the student’s grade level and subject matter. When making staffing decisions, we carefully consider the social-emotional wellbeing of every student and allocate faculty and staff accordingly.

    What accommodations does the school offer for students with allergies?
    We are an allergy aware school committed to protecting the health of students with allergies. Additionally, we offer accommodations for students with specific dietary needs related to allergies.

    What financial aid and/or scholarships do you offer?
    Park East is committed to make a world-class education available to every Jewish child, regardless of his or her family’s ability to pay. For more information on the financial aid we offer, visit our Admissions page or email [email protected].

    Is there a school uniform?
    Yes; school uniforms may be purchased from Land’s End. Students in kindergarten through eighth grade adhere to our dress code. Early Childhood students should dress in comfortable play clothes.

    What security measures are in place?
    We have a full-time security staff to protect the safety of our students, faculty and staff. We have state-of-the-art security equipment, including closed-circuit cameras throughout the building, and maintain close relationships with our local law enforcement agencies to stay apprised of any external security concerns.

    Is transportation available?
    The majority of our students travel to school on public buses provided by the board of education. There is also private transportation available from Queens at an additional cost. Click here for the form.

    Do you offer summer programs?
    Yes! For ages 2-5, our Early Childhood Summer Program runs for seven weeks every summer. For ages 14-23 months and their caregivers, we offer a Taste of Shabbat Program

    How much is the tuition?
    Click here for our tuition and fees for 2022-2023.

    How are birthdays celebrated in the school?
    For nursery school students through second graders, parents can order cupcakes for their child’s class! Click here for more information about birthdays at Park East.

    What opportunities are there for parents to be involved in the school?
    Park East Parents enjoy many opportunities for meaningful engagement with the school community. Many serve as Class Parents or as members of the school’s Parent Association Leadership Council. To learn more, visit the Parent Association page.

    What is communication like between parents and teachers?
    Parents are valued partners in their child’s education at Park East. Parents and teachers stay connected through regularly-scheduled parent-teacher conferences as well as ongoing communication throughout the school year about each child’s progress.

  • Top high school destinations for our graduates include:

    Abraham Joshua Heschel School
    The Bronx High School of Science
    The Calhoun School
    Central (Yeshiva University High School for Girls)
    The Frisch School
    Ma’ayanot Yeshiva High School for Girls
    Marsha Stern Talmudical Academy (Yeshiva University High School for Boys)
    North Shore Hebrew Academy
    The Ramaz School
    S.A.R. High School
    Shevach High School
    Stuyvesant High School
    Westchester Hebrew High School

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