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About Park East

In an environment that is collaborative rather than competitive, we encourage students to do their personal best as they pursue a dual curriculum of General and Jewish Studies that begins in early childhood and builds gradually and with increasing rigor to the lower and middle school years. At Park East students not only learn how to learn—they develop a love of learning that carries them forward in their academic careers and wherever their journey takes them in life. Read more…

rabbi-schneierMeet Rabbi Arthur Schneier, Founder and Dean:

Ever since I had the privilege of founding the Day School over 25 years ago, I have believed that we must concentrate on the education of our youth to ensure our future.  At Park East we are deeply committed to teaching our children to be proud of their Jewish heritage and identity, to take pride in being patriotic citizens of the United States, and to love the State of Israel. It has been my lifelong conviction that Judaism, both as a religion and value system, has a special message for the world and that nations can and must learn to live together in peace. Read more…

Quick Facts

  • 350 students in Early Childhood, Lower School, and Middle School combined
  • Low student-to-teacher ratio
  • Distinctions in mathematics
  • STEM and engineering program incorporating math, science, and technology from grades five to eight

In the heart of Manhattan’s Upper East Side, the Park East Day School celebrates academic excellence and Jewish identity for children age 2 – Grade 8.