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Park East Profile: Galina Spektor

We delight in presenting a rotating brief profile of a different member of the Park East community.

Galina Spektor
Math Teacher

What makes Park East’s math education program unique?

The study of math is incredibly important as part of a holistic education in general and Judaic studies. My goal is to prepare students for high school and the SAT through a strong foundation in math. Many students join me for weekly enrichment and instruction beyond their daily schoolwork, and many use their knowledge of algebra and geometry to start high school in advanced math classes. Park East students are very passionate about math and many of my former students have placed in the top 5% of national math competitions. Some have won top rankings in the New York State Math League competition.

Do you have a favorite Park East memory? 

I have a great connection with so many of my former students, and I have many happy memories of hearing about their lives and successes through visits, phone calls and messages.

Park East celebrates Jewish identity and tradition “from generation to generation.” What’s the most important lesson you learned from your parents or grandparents? 

I grew up in the former Soviet Union, and we didn’t know many other Jewish people. I got my Jewish education from my grandparents. At Chanukah, I remember how my grandmother cooked latkes and my grandfather lit one lamp in our home each night. I am very proud of my Jewish history.

What’s your favorite place in New York City?

The best place, and my second home, is Park East Synagogue. My husband and I have traveled to many different countries and visited many synagogues around the world, but the best synagogue is Park East.