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Celebrate Israel Parade

The Annual Celebrate Israel Parade is going virtual!
Sunday, June 7, 2020
The Celebrate Israel Parade committee has been thinking of creative ways to include their longtime marching groups and sponsors in this event and are reaching out for our help. All the groups have been asked to do the following:
Create special TODAH (thank-you) themed original family video clips (about 5-10 seconds each). We ask that you and your family members get creative in making these videos about:

  • Saying Todah (just the one word)
  • ·Saying Thank you (just those two words)
  • ·Saying Celebrate Israel
  • ·Waving an Israeli flag(s)
  • Waving an American flag(s)
  • Holding up a sign expressing thanks to healthcare and other frontline workers (delivery people, law enforcement, grocery stores, first responders, etc.)
Videos do not need to be about all the themes, one theme per submission is ideal.

We ask that you strictly adhere to social distancing guidelines in creating videos. We welcome videos from families living together but will not accept videos that include multiple households together, even if social distancing is being observed. To ensure the quality of the video, footage must be from each family individually and NOT a recording of many families joining on zoom together. It is critical that videos NOT BE SHRUNK in file size – we need as high of resolution as possible.


Students should please wear the white school uniform shirt that has the school logo on it or print out the attached school logo from below and pin it to a white shirt.

OPTIONALLY – print out the RASPEDS logo and tape it to a baseball hat. This will serve as the “school parade t-shirt”.

How do your signs, Israeli and or American flags look?

We are sure they look amazing!

Now you’re ready to film.


  • Hold your phone HORIZONTALLY.
  • If possible, please have someone else record you using the BACK CAMERA.
  • Record in a quiet area (not near a refrigerator, air conditioner, other phones, no TV or music playing in the background).
    • Interior or exterior shots are fine! If outside, try not to stand in bright sunlight.
  • Make sure there is plenty of natural light or that a lot of lights are on in the room.
  • Find a neutral space without brand name items/logos in the background.
  • Please also do not wear clothing with commercial logos or writing. Items representing your organization, school, etc. are welcome!
  • Do not stand in front of a window or a bright light – please avoid lights that point INTO the camera. IMPORTANT TIPS
  • Keep the camera STILL during taping. Either have someone hold it with two hands, or place it on a tripod, table, etc.
  • The camera should be EYE LEVEL – you should be able to look straight ahead and directly into the camera!
  • Turn on Airplane mode while taping. • Project your voice – speaking loudly and clearly – but without yelling.

Remember: The deadline for your family video clip submissions is Monday, May 18, 2020.

Please e-mail your clips to