Our Mission

  • Preparing students for the future

    Rabbi Arthur Schneier Park East Day School (RASPEDS) is a coeducational Jewish Day School located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The school is dedicated to combining three important elements in your child’s education: rigorous academic standards, the communication of respect between students and teachers, and the broadening of your child’s vistas by exposure to global ideas and concepts. Each of these elements is viewed through the lens of Jewish heritage and Jewish tradition. Rabbi Arthur Schneier’s leadership and ideas continue to animate the School and he serves as a special role model for our children.

  • At Park East Day School, students are prepared for admission to the most competitive high schools in New York, enriched with a global perspective and with knowledge and pride in their Jewish heritage. Steeped in three years of foreign language instruction (in addition to Hebrew) and first-hand knowledge of international diplomacy from distinguished visiting lecturers, our graduates stand out both in academic achievement and worldly maturity in the high schools and universities in which they choose to continue their education.

    At Park East, highly trained faculty specialists collaborate with classroom teachers to customize a learning program that maximizes each child’s academic performance. Students learn how to use technology to access information, interpret data and facilitate learning. Students employ active learning strategies to become independent learners and gain the self-esteem required to ensure academic success.