Our History

In 1976, Park East was founded by Rabbi Schneier as a nursery school. In 1981, it merged with East Side Hebrew Institute, once a major institution on the Lower East Side of Manhattan; the integrated school was called Park East Day School, which in 1990 was renamed in honor of Rabbi Arthur Schneier.

Today the Rabbi Arthur Schneier Park East Day School is a place where students follow a rich and rigorous dual curriculum of Judaic and General Studies. A dynamic arts program extends the varied, joyous atmosphere of the school day. Torah values and ethics, Jewish traditions and history are taught in keeping with a favorite motto of Rabbi Schneier’s: l’dor va’dor, “from generation to generation.”

Our ambition at Park East is not merely to fill children’s minds but to teach how to use them: to think critically and discerningly, to be receptive to difficult and challenging ideas, to observe the world with alertness and curiosity, and to keep their brains—and hearts—open wide.

In the heart of Manhattan’s Upper East Side, the Park East Day School celebrates academic excellence and Jewish identity for children age 2 – Grade 8.