• Middle School Academics

    The Middle School years at Park East, Grades 6-8, are a time when academics become more complex and demanding as students start on a high school prep track.

    They draw on their developing skills and strategies in a way that allows them to analyze texts more profoundly in both English and Hebrew. They deepen their research, make more extensive use of technology as a learning tool, and become responsible members of the school—and wider—community.

  • Middle School Curriculum

    In General Studies, Middle School students continue to advance through the New York State Curriculum frameworks. In Jewish studies, they understand and analyze Hebrew texts in the original language. They pursue independent research projects. In Grades 7 and 8, they learn Spanish, a third language. They develop further agility with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; they also now learn how to use rudimentary code and create HTML websites. Through our Chesed programs, all middle school students participate in community service.

    As the Park East student matures, so does his or her strong humanistic Jewish identity. Thanks to Rabbi Schneier’s passionate interest in global affairs, students in the middle school years are encouraged to develop a vibrant perspective on the wider world, which is enhanced by visiting international leaders and active classroom discussion.

    Through our exacting high school preparation, over the years Park East students have been admitted to Ramaz, Heschel, SAR, Stuyvesant, Townsend-Harris, Bronx Science, Horace Mann, Dalton, Bard, and many other leading NYC schools. When they graduate, they are fluent in at least two languages and are set on a pathway of lifelong critical thinking and abounding curiosity.

  • Program Highlights

    • Spanish language, gifted math and science programs are introduced
    • Talmud, advanced Ivrit courses, Jewish history become part of weekly study.
    • A dedicated engineering program incorporates STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Math) content, skills, and strategies
    • NASA digital learning is added (grades four to eight)
    • High school prep track begins at the end of seventh grade
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