2022 Book Fair Recap

The RASPEDS book fair was an incredible event that had students and teachers buzzing with excitement.

As the fair’s opening day dawned, a sense of enthusiasm and anticipation filled the air. Students were encouraged to embrace their love of literature by donning the garb of their favorite literary characters and bringing the corresponding books to school. This opportunity allowed them to showcase their creativity and knowledge of their beloved stories. Then, students and teachers were invited to wear their pajamas to school. There was a fun, relaxed atmosphere to the event, allowing everyone to feel comfortable and at home. The dress-up theme provided an extra layer of engagement to the week, and the students reveled in the chance to express themselves through their costumes. It was heartwarming to see the entire school community fully embracing the spirit of the event and having a great time.


The visiting authors at the RASPEDS book fair were a massive hit with students and teachers alike. Monica and Abigail Berg, co-authors of the book The Gift of Being Different, came to speak to students about their experiences.The Gift of Being Different tells the story of Abigail learning that she has dyslexia, and how this has impacted her life, ultimately becoming her very own superpower. Monica discussed the process of writing the book with her daughter, how it has helped to raise awareness about dyslexia, and has allowed children all over the world to see a superpower within themselves. 


Jennifer Rosner, author of the books The Candlewick, The Mitten String, and The Yellow Bird Sings, also visited the fair. She spoke to students about her writing process, her children who are deaf who inspired her to write these stories, and read passages from her books. Despite their hearing loss, Rosner’s children have been able to communicate effectively through the use of sign language and other meaningful ways. She shared some simple signs with students that they can use in their everyday lives to communicate with people who are deaf or hard of hearing. These signs can help to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for individuals with hearing loss, and can facilitate better communication and understanding between people of all abilities.

The visiting authors added a special element to the book fair, providing students with the opportunity to hear from and engage with real authors. Their stories and insights were inspiring and educational, and students left the event feeling excited and motivated to read more.

Thank you to all of the wonderful parent volunteers who helped at the book fair! Your assistance in helping children choose books and ringing them out was invaluable. We truly couldn’t have done it without you. Your support and involvement in our school are greatly appreciated and have such a positive impact on our students. Thank you for all that you do!

Overall, the 2022 book fair was a huge success, providing an excellent opportunity for students to engage with books and learn from visiting authors. Though this may read “the end” to this year’s book fair, we hope our student’s love of literature continues to grow to ensure a “happily ever after”.