Important Travel Advisory for Upcoming Holidays

With only a few weeks left to this school year and ever evolving CDC and Department of Health guidelines regarding quarantine and testing, it behooves us to review the Park East Day School policy for domestic and international travel. Much will probably change over the summer and before the new school year as more and more people including children are vaccinated and the country becomes closer to reaching herd immunity.

For now, these guidelines are only for the unvaccinated, your children, our students.

  • Domestic Travel Outside of States Contiguous to New York:¬†Quarantine for 3 days; PCR test on Day 4. If results are negative,¬†the child may return to school.
  • International Travel: Quarantine is required for a full 7 days. PCR test on Day 4. If the child is not tested, the quarantine is for a full 10 days.
Test results must be sent to prior to return.

The aforementioned is only when a child is asymptomatic. If symptoms occur, please contact Nurse Aleeza for further guidance.

COVID-19 fatigue is real, however, we must remain vigilant and continue with precautions until the disease is further under control. With your cooperation, we will be able to continue in person learning in all of our classes.