Memoirs of Australia: Summer 2015 in the Land Down Under Part II of a Multi-Part Series

            Our first evening there was arranged by Ariel. She chose an old-school restaurant in the center of the city named Rockpool, which had received outstanding reviews. Promptly seated upon arrival, the atmosphere felt very British; the dark wood paneling and heavy ivory drapery exuded the palpable formality of the drawing room of an old English manor house. At our table, we were quickly attended to by four different servers, all of whom gave the distinct impression that it was his divine responsibility to assure our utmost delight in dining that evening. They ascertained that we had no food allergies, or limitations, other than that we had requested upon reservation vegetarian selections (both a mid-life abhorrence of all things animal flesh-related, as well as a wish to adhere to Kashruth constituted the choice). Swiftly yet elegantly, small bits of tastings began to arrive, a menu never presented. I felt that giddiness that is so typical of people on holiday (not vacation, no, no…holiday) and chose not to ask for a menu, and just proceed with whatever foodstuff came our way. I had a sense we were in for a treat…

            Over the course of the next two hours, we were served the most intoxicating, visually beautiful, and scrumptious tasting menu. Our vegetarian diet (at least pescatarian) was carefully respected, and beverages designed to accompany each tidbit were carefully crafted to complement. Although the portions were inherently small, by the time dessert arrived –a flaming and fragrant lemon meringue confection– both Ariel and I were, as the Aussies say, “chockers” –likely an abbreviation for “chockfull.” I should have suspected a hefty bill at meal’s end, but again, with the travel mentality in high gear, I hadn’t asked price either. It was a good thing, because given the price tag, over $450 U.S. dollars, at least I got to enjoy the meal in blissful ignorance. From that evening forward, I was more cautious about our dining choices.

           In terms of dining, my impression of Australia, starting with that very first meal, and continuing throughout the next 14 evenings, was that this was one land that way up on its game with regard to cuisine. The food was simply cutting-edge and bursting with healthful choices; food presentation and exciting menus – both on the international full-menu food scene as well as the vegetarian and kosher– were abounding. Absolutely everywhere. In our travels between Sydney and later, up North, the food never failed to delight, both in selection and quality.  In Sydney, in particular, there is a plethora from which to choose if kosher food is what you are seeking. As a Jewish student at UNSW (University of New South Wales) in Sydney, Ariel was apprised early on in her application process of all eating establishments and food venues that serve kosher food. The idea of welcoming all, of diverse backgrounds, and with open arms and tolerance for all, is a very Australian mentality. Should you be traveling to the “land down under” be aware that the most choices for kosher eating are likely to be in Melbourne and Sydney. As for our time there, our Sydney guides, including “all things kosher” read as follows:


Bondi Pizza Gallery, Dairy. Eat in or take away
69 O’Brien St, Bondi Beach 2026, 02-9130 1036

Glicks on Hall, Pareve/Dairy, Bakery and Café, Sushi
– 99 Hall St, Bondi Beach 2026, 02-9300 8865
– Shop 3-4 Old South Head Rd, Rose Bay 2029, 02-9371 7557

Grandma Moses – incorporating Good Food Inc – Catering, 
109 Anzac Pde, Kensington, 0400 130 003, 02-9371 0874

Katzy’s Food Factory, Deli style eatery. Meat. Eat in or take away
113-115 Hall St, Bondi Beach 2026, 02-9130 6755

Lewis’ Contintental Kitchen, Meat. Eat in or take away. Catering available.
2 Curlewis St, Bondi 2026. 02-9365 5421

Millee’s, Catering and Shabbat food only
525A Old South Head Road, Rose Bay 2029, 0418 666 901

PITA MIX, Middle Eastern dips and grilled meats. Meat. Eat in or take away
502 Old South Head Rd, Rose Bay 2029, 02-9388 1424

Savion Restaurant, Meat
1/38 Wairoa Ave, North Bondi 2026, 02-9130 6357


Amaze in Taste
55 Doody St, Alexandria 2015, 02-8324 4500

Eat Your Heart Out
0413 474 894, 02 9371 5773

Grunfeld Catering – Meat & Veg/Dairy

9327 6468,

Kosherlicious Catering
E:, 0418 666 901

Kosher Cuisine – Pareve/Meat
Brings Flavour to Australian Catering
Ph: 0412 152 963

80 Warners Ave, Bondi Beach 2026, 02-8087 4411

Mila’s Catering
Bondi based, 0478 297 237

Osnat’s Catering – Pareve/Meat
0422 085 447,

Pizza Chef’s Catering – Dairy (Chalav Yisrael) 
, min 30 Guests

Rimon Catering

279 Bronte Rd Waverley NSW, 02
9386 1900, 0403 258 931,

Sofitel Sydney Wentworth – Meat, Kosher on request
02-9228 9108

Yafa’s Kitchen – Dairy/Meat/Pareve
0418 387 830,


Intercontinental Double Bay, catering by Amaze in Taste
Sofitel, as per above


Glicks, see Restaurants above and
Glick’s at Franklins – Pareve & Dairy (Chalav Yisrael)
St. Ives Shopping Village, 166 – 170 Mona Vale Road, St Ives, 02-9449 9646

Pantry & Larder – Dairy Non Chalav Yisrael
0410 933 587

Tobias Bakery, wholesale only but make Kosher products available in various outlets


Eilat at Hadassa Butchery
17 O’Brien St, Bondi 2026, 02-9365 4904

M & M Poultry, Must bear the Diamond KA logo 
Available at selected Coles, Woolworths and Franklin supermarkets.

Must bear the Diamond KA logo:
The One That Got Away, fish 
163 Bondi Road, Bondi 2026, 02-9389 4227

Seaside Fresh
Level 1, Westfield Bondi Junction 2026, 02-9369 3844

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