Head of School Temima Feldman Presents Professional Development Workshop for CIJE

On Tuesday, November 2, Head of School Temima Feldman delivered a presentation on Data Driven Instruction to an audience of Judaic and General Studies educators of grades 1-8. This professional development workshop was part of the Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education (CIJE) EDU-Marathon, which covered topics in pedagogy, STEM and technology. 

data driven instruction graphic

Mrs. Feldman’s presentation demonstrates how educators can learn how to recognize, utilize, and maximize opportunities for data collection in their classrooms and offers a chance to reflect on current assessment practices and how to utilize those assessments to better inform teaching practices. 

data driven instruction
A slide from Mrs. Feldman’s presentation on Data-Driven Instruction

Mrs. Feldman is a frequent speaker on educational topics as well as the impact of technology, parenting and its application in today’s times, Jewish family life, the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator and its implications for education, child-rearing, marriage and the workplace.